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Hypnosis can help you make positive changes and transform inner blocks, wounds and restrictions. Hypnosis is effective for individuals and businesses. Hypnosis is available in my San Francisco office and by phone or video call.

What is Hypnosis & Why Does it Work? Hypnosis is a very calm state of being. When you are hypnotized, you'll simply relax. This relaxation helps clear your mind so you can access and heal root causes of the situation that's troubling you and begin to make positive changes. Hypnosis involves neither mind control nor sleep. It only works if you're ready to participate, make changes and grow through hypnosis. 

Not all hypnotherapy is the same: Many hypnotherapists only use pre-scripted, direct suggestion hypnosis. Although that form of hypnosis may take place in shorter sessions, the results (if any) can be temporary. As a Certified Hypnotherapist and Seasoned Psychotherapist & Coach, I use Interactive Depth Hypnosis with individuals – a method that I've found to be much more effective than traditional hypnosis. Interactive hypnotherapy involves two-way dialogue during hypnosis and includes guided imagery, emotional and energetic release, work with the body-mind relationship, age regression, inner child healing, and getting to the root causes of problematic emotional patterns, thoughts and behaviors. Hypnotherapy can also help you access your loving inner wisdom, higher self, and a feeling of divine connection with the universe. Hypnosis can activate the parts of you that are waiting to blossom and support the embodiment of wonderful inner peace. 

Hypnosis alone is not psychotherapy. However, I draw from my experience as a psychotherapist and coach to develop a thorough and highly personalized approach to your transformational journey through hypnotherapy. I use hypnosis as an integrative tool with many of my psychotherapy and coaching clients and as a supplemental tool for others who are already getting professional help elsewhere.

Your hypnotherapy process will involve a thorough intake and on going discussion about your progress so that we can consider all relevant facets of your being - including your strengths. You will also receive a personalized hypnosis recording from each hypnotherapy session. These Hypnosis recordings are an important part of your personalized hypnotherapy program. Listening to your hypnosis recordings regularly improves your chance of achieving long term success through hypnotherapy. 

You may begin to experience results from hypnosis after one hypnotherapy session and a single issue can often be addressed successfully through several hypnotherapy sessions. Certainly results vary among individuals, as no two people are the same. For more multi-layered issues and multiple goals, more hypnotherapy sessions will likely be needed.

Who can benefit from hypnosis? Almost anyone who is truly ready to make changes can benefit from hypnosis. If you're eager to grow, release those aspects of yourself that are no longer serving you, willing to go within to activate your power and inner resources and ready to blossom, then there's a good chance that you can benefit from hypnotherapy.

How long are hypnosis sessions? 90 minutes each (first session is up to 2 hours). I don't offer shorter hypnotherapy sessions.

Insurance and Hypnosis: With few exceptions, most insurance companies don't cover Hypnotherapy. However, most FSA's (Cafeteria Plans) and HSA's will reimburse in pre-tax dollars for hypnosis. Ask your tax professional if Hypnosis can be a tax deduction for your small business.

Hypnotherapy can help with: Fear, Sadness, Inner Child Healing, Self Destructive Relationship Patterns, Self Love, Business Expansion, Improving Relationship with Money, Losing Weight, Organization, Focus and Task Management, Motivation, Insomnia, Stress Management, Healing Faster from Surgery, Chronic Pain, Creativity, Finding Your Authentic Voice, Developing Intuition, Improving Confidence, Connecting to Your Inner Wisdom & Calm, Past Life Regression and Much More.

Hypnotherapy is not intended for people dealing with major mental illness (severe depression, bipolar disorder, addiction, etc.) that's not already being treated through formal medical and mental health services. Hypnosis is not intended to be a quick fix for complex issues in the absence of a commitment to personal growth.

Hypnosis is also a powerful business tool. It can help your company expand your profits, gain clarity, sustain focus and work collaboratively as a team. 

Hypnosis with Matthew Engel, Certified Hypnotherapist

Hypnotherapy Testimonials

“Matthew creates a very safe environment to explore profound issues through hypnotherapy. I always feel able to go very deep, knowing that he is there to gently guide me. Our sessions have helped me address some very deep-rooted issues in a truly helpful and un-intimidating way. I would recommend Matthew to anyone.”
~ N.C., San Francisco, CA 

“Dear Matthew. I write today, on the one-year anniversary of moving to Rome and I just wanted to thank you for the hypnotherapy. With your help, I left a job I hated, quit smoking, have lost weight and am dressing fashionably. I work out with a personal trainer and eat well. I am teaching at some well regarded institutions and I am finding myself busy with friends. I’m no longer feeling lost and alone. You helped me so much.” ~ D.F., Rome, Italy 

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All sessions are conducted by video call or phone. In-person sessions aren't available. Current Status as of January 2024.

All sessions are by appointment only. If you are experiencing a mental health or other safety related emergency, please call 911, your local hospital or a crisis hotline. See Resources and Links Page for more info. 

Please allow a minimum of 48 hours notice for cancellations and appointment changes to avoid being billed in full for that session.

No solicitations please.

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