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San Francisco Based ~ Remote Sessions Available

Matthew Engel, LCSW, CHt

You came to this world on a magical journey. As your story unfolds, it's easy to become swept away by challenging relationships, cultural norms, demands from others, criticism, childhood wounds, traumatic events, feeling less than, self-destructive patterns, plans that don't work out as hoped, corporate politics, fears about money, daily stressors and needs that change through the cycles of life. Everyone has a deep yearning to live, relate, voice and express themselves in a way that honors the true brilliance of their spirit. My passion is to help you do that.

Therapy, Coaching, Intuitive Astrology, Depth Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Seminars, Talks, Podcasts, Articles.

All sessions and classes are currently being held remotely. 


"This is exactly what I've been needing, Matthew! I've been to 3-4 other therapists and none have them have given me the type of feedback and inquiry that you provide. I'm finding this really helpful." ~ J.W. ~ San Francisco, CA

“Matthew’s wisdom and guidance are something I benefit from for my own life journey and also for referral to clients and friends who come to me for support. As a retired therapist, I consider Matthew’s many gifts a unique contribution to the transformation so needed by our weary world."
~ B.K. ~ Greenfield, MA"

"Thank you, Matthew! I cannot express how much you have helped me."
~ M.W. ~ Pleasanton, CA

"Dear Matthew, Thank you, for your wisdom, guidance and all that you do to help me through my daily battles. I now have tools to choose those that are worth fighting and those aren't. You're amazing!" ~ R.D. ~ San Francisco, CA 

Ready to get started with life transformation, soul level integration & healing? Contact me for a free 15-20 minute phone or video consult.Let's have a direct conversation. No texting, please.

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