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Business Coaching is an essential service for entrepreneurs, executives and anyone trying to expand professionally. I’ve found that no single business coaching approach is right for everyone. As a business coach, I specialize in helping professionals align with a path that’s truly authentic for them. I’ve often seen entrepreneurs and professionals establish goals that are driven by fear, external messaging, competition and intense pressure. Too many business coaches prescribe cookie cutter formulas that catapult business coaching clients into self destructive patterns. Only you can define success.

Every business coaching client has unique strengths, limitations and triggers. As a business coach, my role is to help you get real with yourself about what goals are right for you, develop your messaging, improve your communication and interpersonal skills, find your professional niche, and transcend inner roadblocks and fears. The objective of business coaching is to strategically and confidently expand your career - driven by your passion, heart and soul.

Business Coaching Debacles: If insecurities, lack of worthiness and wounding drive (or even play a role in) your professional ambition, you’re likely to manifest a work environment that matches this energy. As such, you’ll never quite feel like you have enough. Business coaching clients often experience that dilemma through difficult colleagues, bosses, clients, projects, financials or an overall feeling of dissatisfaction with their work. Your success should be driven by the wisdom and creativity of your spirit rather than your ego.

Some of my business coaching clients integrate astrology to help identify forms of expression that are authentic for them. Other business coaching clients use hypnosis to clear inner blocks and sail ahead with focus, confidence, clarity and grace. Business coaching can be customized to meet your needs.

I’ve coached small business owners and executives from a wide range of industries including tech, real estate, sales, accounting, food and beverage, education, human resources, wellness, beauty and more. Living in San Francisco, I’m particularly familiar with the fast paced qualities of the tech industry and the marked differences between established tech companies like Apple, Google and FaceBook and smaller tech start-ups who are working tirelessly to get their products off the ground. Corporate politics, crazy bosses, frenetic environments, pressure to conform, communication mishaps, interpersonal difficulties, grass roots stages of development, that feeling like everyone else is successful but you, gender inequalities, racial and ethnic disparities, lack of cultural sensitivity, bullying in the work place, teamwork, supervisory issues, yearning to do something more, and the desire to be cutting edge are just a handful of themes that I’ve helped countless business coaching clients successfully improve upon.

I offer business coaching to individuals and small groups. My business coaching fees vary based on the circumstances. 

Life & Business Coaching with Matthew Engel, Life Coach, Business Coach

Testimonials About Life & Business Coaching

“Matthew’s keen and accurate intuition combined with his gifted counseling skills and down to earth approach make him a superb life coach.” ~ N.B. ~ San Francisco, CA

"Matthew - You really have the perfect combination of skills with your background as a therapist, spiritual teacher and business coach." ~ J.R. ~ San Francisco, CA

"In the middle of a pandemic I got a promotion and a raise. The business coaching we have done together brought me to tears (of joy) today with the news. Thank you Matthew. Thank you!  By the way, you also understand the inner workings of the tech industry exceptionally well." ~ N.S. ~ San Francisco, CA

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